Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Gift from The Garden

I have been trying to put more thought into the composition of jewelry designs and the things that inspire a particular piece.

I am particularly proud of the latest wire wrapped pendant. It is inspired by our backyard gardens and in particular by the flower covered surface of the Koi pond.

The base of the wire sculpture is an agate slice that is deep purple in color with concentric bands that represent the ripples that occur when you drop a pebble into the water. The agate has been wrapped in Sterling silver wire and embellished with beads of deep red, green, yellow and white to represent the flowers that surround the water garden.
A dragonfly floats gently at the top of the agate slice.

The pendant hangs on a handcrafted chain maille necklace in a linked floret pattern. It has 3 flower links worked into the chain. A butterfly of sterling silver dangles from the back of the neck chain.

The garden is cold and the flowers have been cut back for winter but A Gift From The Garden reminds me of the warm and sunny days to come.


  1. So beautiful. You must be a good web design

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  2. I'm afraid that I am not very technical when it comes to web design. Give me rocks and metal to work with...then I am happy.

  3. As I scrolled down your word description, I tried to picture what your pendant would look like. However, my mind's eye picture was no where as beautiful as the one you made. Great job! Absolutely beautiful! Bev

  4. Thank you Bev I appreciate your kind words. Having seen the beautiful work that you have on your site I really value your opinion.