Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crocus blossom

In another attempt to design a piece of jewelry with intention I have made a Crocus Blossom ring.

The purple and soft warm golden yellow stones in this ring remind me of the early crocus blossoms of Spring. The shank of this ring is woven sterling silver wire to represent the cold ice and snow that these little jewels bloom through.

This is fun. I enjoy sitting down with the beads and wire and letting my imagination soar with the combinations but this seems a more deliberate approach and one that I am trying to train my brain to use. Inspiration, drawing the design, working out the details, and then the production of the piece.

I am off to look at landscape photos for more inspiration. Those coffee table books will come in handy after all.


  1. Making something with intention is very interesting. You've done good!
    Yellow and purple are two of my favorite colors.

  2. Thank's Bev. I don't have any art training at all, so it's been quite a ride so far. Eventually I want to be able to make a book of ideas and someday projects so that when I think of something I don't forget it before having time to make it. Does that make sense? Or am I just trying to be too organized?