Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rings and Things

Over the course of the last year I have received several inquiries about making rings.

The process seemed daunting to me as I want to keep all of my jewelry pieces wire wrapped and sculpted using only cold joins. This means no soldering or other heat sourced methods are used in the design or production of the ring.

Simple bead rings were the first trial. The first few were "wonky" and it was difficult to make them the intended size. 20 rings later and more confident in the process I moved on to a more intricate design with ornate wire and bead wrapping to capture a larger stone.

My imagination has taken off!
Multi wire shanks, open wire shanks, woven wire shanks, gemstone beads, fossils, dichroic glass, and sharks teeth have been combined to make rings.

The latest and possibly my favorite rings are part of our Salvaged Style Collection. Some are made of rhinestone brooches and some are made out of sterling silver baby spoon and demitasse spoons that have been hammered into a new shape and embellished with encouraging words..

You can see the in our ETSY store and at our weekend kiosk The FamiLee Jewels At The Warehouse, 20 Learned Street , Albany, NY.


  1. Those rings are just button cute!

  2. Thank you. I love making whimsical things that make people smile.