Sunday, May 1, 2011

Learning from Failure

The road to the top includes steep grades and difficult terrain.
Failure is not an option.
Being a jewelry artist can be difficult. The competition is fierce. There are thousands of aspiring jewelers of all kinds the world over. Many of them have amazing talent and original designs.  One of my most difficult tasks has been trying to find a way to be noticed in the crowd.
This year I have applied to larger and more competitive juried art and craft shows.  The applications were more involved and I made every effort to have my wording and photographs be good representations of my style. I was wait listed for my top 2 choices of shows. They were "saturated" with jewelry applications and although they "appreciated" my "unique work" had no room for me "at this time".
I was crushed, disappointed in my effort, and left feeling defensive about my abilities.

It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself. Next year those applications will have professional photographs and an application that includes a resume and press packet. In the meantime I will continue to develop other outlets for The FamiLee jewels including home parties, on line sales and gift shops.

April Blog Carnival: Using Color

This salvage necklace uses aged patinas and texture
rather than color to create the intended mood.
Most of my work is monochromatic. I use aged patinas and various textures to create jewelry with a sense of history. My salvage pieces are intended to have  a dark and mysterious aura to fit the Victorian/Industrial nature of their design.
Color makes an strong statement. Choosing the appropriate  one to complement the mood of the piece is important.
Black and white are the most common colors that I use. Black crystals, beads made of onyx and obsidian, gleaming pearls, and clear quartz all make lovely accents.
Purple in a warm but muted amethyst color has become a favorite to work with. The rich color suggests mystery, intrigue and spirituality,
Dark and dramatic this black agate slice is wrapped in bronze
wire and encrusted with beads of the same color.

A jewel of the sea in bright bottle green.
Color makes a bolder statement in my wire wrapped pieces. Here you will find colorful slices of agate and those lovely gems of the sea, beach glass. These uncommon jewelry components exhibit bold and happy colors. They are wrapped  in bronze, copper or sterling silver wire and sometimes encrusted with metal beads but I rarely add other color to the design.

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