Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Helping Bear

Bear, known affectionately in our house as Bubba-because he is one, was helping me yesterday as I sorted jewelry and packed it away for our upcoming show.
Hiding in small places is one of his few cat like behaviors.
This is my jewelry case and is supposed to be full of 14 of those trays you see stacked next to it, not full of cat. He thinks he is being stealthy, while he looks for treasure.
You see Bubba is a cat "burglar". He loves sparkly things, especially if they jingle. He steals jewelry, keys, and assorted small toys. Shiny paper and cellophane are not safe from him. The sound of a bead dropping to the hard wood floor will bring him running from 3 rooms away. Don't even think of leaving a twist tie on the counter.
He is currently lying under the Christmas tree trying to figure out how to take an ornament without our noticing. This is not likely. The tree is fastened to the living room wall because one of his previous escapades resulted in a Christmas tree crashing to the floor in the wee, small hours of the morning. Grace is not one of his attributes.
I told you he was a Bubba.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Special Orders

I have discovered that one of the most delightful processes in the jewelry business is working with a client to create a piece that is not only one of a kind, but specifically designed for the individual.

The two pieces that I finished this week were both collaborations of this kind. The first was a for a wonderful woman who wanted to have something to honor her beloved Golden Retriever. She requested a dark blue stone to represent the night sky, a silver charm of a golden retriever, a shooting star and a green heart.

I found a dark blue crescent shaped agate slice, and wrapped it in sterling silver wire and beads, attaching the golden retriever charm to the bottom of the moon. The shooting star was hand cut out of silver sheet and the green heart dangle is a beautiful green with AB finish for extra shine. The whole piece was antiqued for more of a night time look and then tumble polished for a few hours to bring back some shine. It is presented on a bar pin as she already has a chain for the piece.

The second special order is for a friend of my daughters who wanted a pendant on a chain for his wife, a woman that loves purple and prefers gold wire. I searched through my treasure boxes of beads and found these rainbow fluorite leaves, amethyst rounds, moonstone rounds and peridot chips. It has been left shiny gold and placed on a necklace of gold chain and amethyst beads for additional drama. I am pleased with the way it turned out and hope that the recipient will be too. Earrings to match the pendant were necessary of course!