Saturday, July 25, 2009

NYC Whirlwind

Fred and I spent a whirlwind 2 days in New York this week, when I think about it, really only 30 hours. We spent time visiting Melissa in Brooklyn, went to a Yankee game (they won) in the new Yankee Stadium, had breakfast at Juniors (the omelets and grits were fabulous), visited the NYC Fire Museum, Bryant Park, Harold Square and finally Metalliferrous.
Metalliferous is located at 34 W46TH St between 6TH and Park in a tiny appearing 2ND floor storefront. I walked up a flight of stairs and through a glass door (there were clearance items on the landing) and into a space no bigger than my dining room filled with jewelry makers tools, books, magazines and supplies. Files, hammers, anvils, punches, saws, polishers, buffers, grinders, dapping blocks, you name it, it was there.
The real fun begins when one of the knowledgeable friendly sales clerks says to you "Customers are always welcome behind the counter, let me show you how things work." It was like being invited to look through a treasure chest. Bin after bin of sterling silver, copper, brass, and aluminum in wire, sheets, disks, findings, and charms in every shape and size imaginable.
I know I didn't see them all. I don't think I even found the back of the store. It seemed to go on forever. Shelf after shelf of red and yellow plastic bins filled with delightful surprises. The Metalliferrous website claims 30,000 varieties and I believe it.
I stopped shopping after an hour. I had left Fred drinking coffee in a green space down the street and didn't want to lose him. I will definitely go back with more time, more money and a larger shopping bag.

Friday, July 24, 2009


BeaderJoJo is a Connecticut beadweaver with extrordinary imagination. Her Etsy shop, Unique You, is filled with delightfully original designs like 3D Floating Tetris necklaces and colorful Dreadlock beads and sleeves.
BeaderJoJo uses the highest quality materials to create her designs. Delica and Toho seed beads are woven into intricate designs using PowerPro braided fishing line so that the creations are strong and water resistant as well as beautiful.
BeaderJoJo is a fellow member of the Starving Artists Team on Etsy. She also belongs to the Etsy Beadweavers Street Team.
BeaderJoJo was kind enough to feature Bonnie's Aqua and Brass Resin necklace in her recent treasury Summertime Blues. Thank you for including us in such a lovely collection.

Monday, July 20, 2009

SSSH......Summer Sizzler Sale

The Starving Artist's Street Team on etsy is having a sale. Thursday July 30Th through Sunday August 2ND select members of the sateam will be offering specials in their etsy stores.

The FamiLee Jewels is offering free shipping on all items purchased in this time period and a free gift for any purchase over $25.

Tasha of For You Designs has made an etsy treasury for some of the items that will be on sale. She was kind enough to include Bonnie's copper wrapped beach coral necklace. Thank you Tasha.

For You Designs is an etsy store that features artisan jewelry with a distinctive flair.

Tasha's jewelry shows her love of color and texture. She is passionate about her work and draws her inspiration from the endless palette that nature provides.

Treat your eyes to a trip through For You Designs and enjoy Tasha's timeless artistic interpretation's, crafted with quality.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Melissa Meman Designs

Melissa Meman Designs is a jewelry business based in Frederick, Maryland. Melissa's etsy store is a treasure house of one of a kind wire and gemstone jewelry. Melissa's passion for jewelry design is apparent in the level of quality in her wire work. She uses her wire wrapping skills with gemstones, Austrian crystals and handcrafted lamp work beads to create unique and stylish designs.

My favorites in Melissa's etsy store are the Summer flower earrings that she makes out of sterling silver wire and Czech glass dagger beads.

Melissa was kind enough to feature Bonnie's Tangerine Dice earrings made of lucite. Thank you Melissa for including us in such a refreshing summery collection.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Blue Dress

The Blue Dress is a jewelry business that was built around the philosophy that what you wear makes you feel better. Jennifer of The Blue Dress creates each of her jewelry pieces with her philosophy in mind, hoping that the wearer will feel more beautiful more confident and more prepared to face the world.

The Blue Dress features beautiful jewelry in sterling silver and gemstones. Jennifer has begun working in polymer clay and has included it in her unique silver designs. My favorites in her etsy store are her Wild Vines and fern designs in sterling silver although I have to admit that the rebellious attitude of her "I don't do....." pendants makes me smile.

Jennifer sells her lovely jewelry on etsy where she is a member of the Starving Artists Street Team. She also writes a blog about her adventures in jewelry design.

Read the story of Jennifer's Inspiration in her etsy profile.

The Blue Dress was kind enough to feature Bonnie's Lime Green Resin and Brass Necklace in the recent etsy treasury The New Green. Thank you Jennifer for you inclusion in this lovely collection of items.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jewelry Designs by Galadryl

Sylvia of Galadryl Design is a jewelry designer and fellow member of the Starving Artist's team on Etsy. She has been creating her own jewelry since 2005 when she took a class near her home in Cologne, Germany.
Sylvia's style is elegant and modern. She combines sterling silver with handcrafted lamp work beads, swarovski crystals and gemstones. Her wire wrapping skills are amazing and her pieces are finished with an oxidation and polishing process that leaves the sterling silver gleaming. She then packages her jewelry in lovely velour sachets to help prevent tarnish.
My particular favorites among Sylvia's jewelry designs are her bangle bracelets which really show off her wire work.
Sylvia even writes tutorials about her pieces to share her knowledge with others.
Galadry Designs was kind enough to feature Bonnie's Garnet Butterfly chain maille necklace in her Etsy treasury Dark Red Blood and Passion. Thank you Sylvia for including us in such a wonderful collection of items.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Studio DTQ

Heather Marrow of Studio DTQ is a Connecticut based Etsy artist with style.
Her unique and charming combinations of wire and Swarovski Crystal are a joy to look at.
Heather's jewelry has distinctive charactor.
She uses todays treasures to create an heirloom quality collection that anyone would be proud to wear.
I am particularly drawn to Heather's work in copper and crystal. The rich mixture of gleaming metal and sparkling crystal is pure luxury and yet somehow mysterious.
Do yourself a favor and peruse Heathers etsy store and while there be sure to notice her lovely packaging. It is another indication of her artistic flair.
Heather was kind enough to feature Bonnie's aqua dice earrings in her Etsy Treasury titled But in Your Dreams. Thank you Heather. The FamiLee jewels appreciate your support.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Freddy J

Our precious jewel Freddy J is 2 years old today. Happy Birthday Freddy and Happy Day You Became Parents to Becky and Dennis. I think that time passes more quickly watching my grandchildren grow than it did with my own girls.
I remember the day he was born seeing him take his first breaths, how proud and delighted his Dad Dennis was, how exhausted and happy his Mom Becky was.
His Grandpa's Fred and Jimmy were bursting with pride at the little mite being named after them. Fred in fact was in Yankee Stadium watching his favorite team win when he got the call. Many congratulatory beers were purchased in the upper deck that day!
Freddy has grown so much. He is quite the little man now. He has always been energetic but it is hard to keep up with him these days. He loves his family, his dog Harley, the outdoors, his books and his puzzles. It is fun seeing his language skills and all of his talents grow.
He is quite the little prankster and loves to hide and play jokes on his family.
We love you little boy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seaglass Jewelry Sale

School's out for the Summer so Vacation time is officially here! Whether you vacation at the beach , plan a trip to the mountains or Staycation in the comfort of your own back yard The FamiLee Jewels has just the fashion accessories you need.

For the month of July all of our pearl, seaglass and shell jewelry is on sale for 15% off.

Seaglass, also known as mermaids tears, are the jewels of the beach. This glass is found along oceans and large lakes and has been tumbled smooth by the sand and surf creating a soft frosted appearance.
True found objects, pieces of sea glass are jewels created from litter by the action of the environment.

Shop The FamiLee Jewels at our weekend kiosk At The Warehouse 20 Learned Street Albany New York or online at .

You can also contact Becky, Bonnie or Ella with your choices and we will be sure that they are delivered to you.

Check back frequently as new items will be listed daily.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wow! We're double dippin!!!!

Fred and I got home from a July 4th weekend camping trip to find that The FamiLee Jewels have been featured in 2 new treasuries.

RoughMagicCreations is an Etsy jewelry vendor from coastal Maine. Her shop is full of beautiful jewelry featuring gemstones, pearls, crystals and copper wire. Rough Magic says of her work:

My handcrafted jewelry reflects not only the natural beauty that surrounds my studio and the independent spirit of Downeast Maine but also the essence of "Rough Magic" which inspires all my creations.

Rough Magic has featured Bonnie's Beach Coral found object necklace, in her treasury titled LaVentura, a lovely collection in copper and cream with black accents. Thank you Rough Magic for including us in such a lovely work of art.

Stacie Williams of Azoho is the creator of the second treasury titled Metal and Green. Stacie is an etsy jewelry vendor from Florida and a fellow member of the Starving Artist's Team on etsy. Stacie's work in sterling silver and gemstone beads is both rustic and organic. My particular favorites that she makes are her hoop earrings. Stacy says that creating things with my hands helps me find balance in my life.

Stacie featured Bonnies Lime Green Resin and brass necklace in her treasury. Thank you Azoho! Green is my favorite color. I love the way you blended the different shades of green with the neutrals of metal.