Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Freddy J

Our precious jewel Freddy J is 2 years old today. Happy Birthday Freddy and Happy Day You Became Parents to Becky and Dennis. I think that time passes more quickly watching my grandchildren grow than it did with my own girls.
I remember the day he was born seeing him take his first breaths, how proud and delighted his Dad Dennis was, how exhausted and happy his Mom Becky was.
His Grandpa's Fred and Jimmy were bursting with pride at the little mite being named after them. Fred in fact was in Yankee Stadium watching his favorite team win when he got the call. Many congratulatory beers were purchased in the upper deck that day!
Freddy has grown so much. He is quite the little man now. He has always been energetic but it is hard to keep up with him these days. He loves his family, his dog Harley, the outdoors, his books and his puzzles. It is fun seeing his language skills and all of his talents grow.
He is quite the little prankster and loves to hide and play jokes on his family.
We love you little boy!


  1. What a great post Mom. It was a great birthday for our little man!

  2. Yes it was, he really had a good time, has he gone back in the water world yet?