Saturday, July 25, 2009

NYC Whirlwind

Fred and I spent a whirlwind 2 days in New York this week, when I think about it, really only 30 hours. We spent time visiting Melissa in Brooklyn, went to a Yankee game (they won) in the new Yankee Stadium, had breakfast at Juniors (the omelets and grits were fabulous), visited the NYC Fire Museum, Bryant Park, Harold Square and finally Metalliferrous.
Metalliferous is located at 34 W46TH St between 6TH and Park in a tiny appearing 2ND floor storefront. I walked up a flight of stairs and through a glass door (there were clearance items on the landing) and into a space no bigger than my dining room filled with jewelry makers tools, books, magazines and supplies. Files, hammers, anvils, punches, saws, polishers, buffers, grinders, dapping blocks, you name it, it was there.
The real fun begins when one of the knowledgeable friendly sales clerks says to you "Customers are always welcome behind the counter, let me show you how things work." It was like being invited to look through a treasure chest. Bin after bin of sterling silver, copper, brass, and aluminum in wire, sheets, disks, findings, and charms in every shape and size imaginable.
I know I didn't see them all. I don't think I even found the back of the store. It seemed to go on forever. Shelf after shelf of red and yellow plastic bins filled with delightful surprises. The Metalliferrous website claims 30,000 varieties and I believe it.
I stopped shopping after an hour. I had left Fred drinking coffee in a green space down the street and didn't want to lose him. I will definitely go back with more time, more money and a larger shopping bag.


  1. I think you, Becky, and Nana should all come down for a weekend visit. Drive down (solves the public transport during track season problem) and bring the aerobed; you can take Nana to metaliferous while Becky helps me with my wardrobe. We'll go to Habana Outpost for Cuban and Juniors for cheesecake, could do one of the outdoor movies, and have a lovely Saturday/Sunday combo -- Specially if Becky and Nan pick you up after work on a Friday and you drive down that night. We could order in Pequena when you get here!

    I am already SO much more relaxed than I was this week -- need this vacation SO MUCH. That said, thank you for coming down, and keeping me saner than I would have otherwise been. Love you both!

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed the visit as much as we did. Enjoy your vacation.