Friday, November 7, 2008

More Chandeliers!

As mom stated in an earlier post, I was also working on a chandelier piece. Well, it is finally completed and photographed!

For the pendant I used a Vintaj brass dragonfly and wrapped it around a crystal. I then wire-wrapped four other crystals with Vintaj brass wire. The remaining bead links are made up of rutiliated quartz and Vintaj brass beads. All of the wrapping and bead links were hand-crafted, as were the pendant drop and the hook and loop clasp.

I am really happy with the way that this piece came out, and as with a lot of my jewelry, Mom had to rip it from my hands to put it in the store!! But that is where it will be this weekend, as well as listed on our Etsy store.


  1. Perfect balance between modern and vintage. Nice work!

  2. Lovely piece. I have to check out Vintaj more often.
    I'm off to our church fair today. Perhaps I can find some good "Vintaj" to work with. ;-)

  3. I love to combine Vintaj with the "Vintage". The patinas complement each other perfectly.

  4. Bev, Thank you so much! When I found Vintaj at a bead expo, I knew that it would be my favorite! Plus, my mom inspired me to mix it with salvage and vintage pieces!