Sunday, November 9, 2008

Twins Rock Baby Shower

FamiLee Update:

Yesterday Freddy hosted the baby shower for his twin brothers Liam and Rory scheduled to be delivered on December 8Th, unless Becky's body gets tired from carrying them before that.

At 33 weeks they are 5 pounds and 5 pounds 1 ounce and perfectly healthy according to Dr. Ted.

Freddy was a fine host and made everyone feel right at home. Mom and Dad were very proud of him.

The twins and Freddy were gifted with many necessities from our loving family and friends.
We had wonderful snacks, played jacks, bubbles and sit and spin. Freddy had a chance to play with Cassie, Shayden, and Ethan, some of his favorite friends.

A wonderful time and chocolate frosting were had by all.


  1. Thank you so much Mom for a wonderful shower!! You do know how to throw a party!

  2. Another fine example of Bonnie's many talents. It was a great shower with some very clever ideas.