Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get Your Sparkle On!

Every Girl should have her own Chandelier.....and she should wear it with pride.

Some time ago while walking around At The Warehouse I came upon some Vintage chandelier prisms in multiple sizes. They have been on the top of my work table and swimming around in my head ever since.

I finally decided that they look great with Vintaj brass wire and started working on a necklace. I like the way the dark brass wire allows the crystal prisms to shine but still maintains an old appearance.
I am still tweaking the piece but I love the result and wore it for a while on Sunday to check the balance.
Earrings to match will be coming soon.
I know that Becky has been working with prisms also. I will try to get her to post her pictures soon.
These and other Chandelier prism jewelry pieces will soon be available on the ETSY site and at our weekend kiosk The FamiLee Jewels At The Warehouse.
They are part of the Salvaged Style Collection.

1 comment:

  1. I am almost done with my piece. I am also mixing the Vintaj brass with the prisms. I can't wait to show it to everyone!!!