Monday, November 1, 2010

Focus on: Art Snark

Stacey Merrill is an etsy seller and fellow Etsy Holiday Bootcamper who creates and sells "Art and objects for the eclectic soul" under the name of Art Snark's Artifacts.  Her unusual shop is full of fanciful work with a Victorian Steampunk style. She works in several mediums including photography, jewelry design, and ACEO. Stacey says that she has always been eccentric, and that her life full of odd jobs, interesting travel and unusual characters has found its expression through her art.
My current favorite piece in her shop is a pocket watch shrine called The Mysterious Case of Dr. Varulv.  It is an imaginative artifact and definitely one of a kind.
Art Snark and I share of love of found objects, steampunk design and being the most happy when our "hands and minds are working together".
I asked Stacey what inspires her to create and she responded by saying "A love of looking - I'm obsessed with shape & texture, and how the light falls on an object. I also have a habit of looking at something & imagining what it could become. My husband just shakes his head at whatever odd scraps I'm hauling home."
You can see more of Stacey's work and read about her artistic process on her Blog Artsnark's Artifacts Art and Musings for the Eclectic Soul.


  1. Yay! So awesome to see Stacey featured! She is an amazing artist and I love following along on her eclectic blog as well... xoxo

  2. Congrats Stacey.....Stacey is absolutely among my favorites artistas....and a very caring and sharing artist, as well. Great to see you here Stacey!

  3. Congrats Stacey, you're one of my all time favorites!

  4. It's wonderful to see Stacey featured here! Her work is great and so is she! :)