Thursday, November 25, 2010

Felix or Oscar What is your work style?

I am organized and methodical in many aspects of my life. Nursing in a Critical Care area demands it. Raising a family while working full time makes one list oriented and task efficient.

But when the brain shifts to the right side and my artistic side takes over I start to channel Oscar Madison.
My studio is a mess. There are two  6 foot bookshelves in the room with beads, books and magazines organized on them.
There is a 4 foot table in front of these shelves with all of my salvage and found object bits laying on it so that I can see them, fondle them and pile them in likely combinations whenever the mood strikes. I must crawl underneath this table to locate a specific book or magazine on the shelf.

A repurposed computer  desk holds the Dremel with Flex Shaft and a stand that converts it into a drill press. The desk has neatly labeled drawers, open shelves and file cabinets.
The desk usually sports a fine layer of sawdust or metal filings depending on the project last completed.

The workbench provides a wonderful surface for hammering, etching, saw cutting and using chemicals for patinas.
One must move several trays of "works in progress" and stacks of magazines to discover the bench top.

The 10x10 studio also contains a rolling cart that serves as shipping center a small encyclopedia bookcase that holds the rock tumbler and ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, a tall wooden cart that holds a photo cube, and a two drawer filing cabinet.
These remain surprisingly neat.
We will not discuss the closet.
It sounds cluttered and confusing but my artistic mind thrives in the seeming chaos. I recently found a quote that says it all.
3 Rules of Work:
Out of clutter find simplicity;
Out of discord find harmony;
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
                 Albert Einstein

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