Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Focus on: Mark Stowe

Mark's signature piece, a silver dragonfly
This weeks feature article showcases the talent of  jewelry artist and fellow upstate New york resident, my neighbor to the North, Mark Stowe. Mark is etsy artist  SilverDragonfly8.

Mark's passion for art and jewelry design began at a young age "back in the late 60’s with bending up my Mom’s silverware into spoon rings & bracelets for perspective girlfriends."

Mark's biggest fan Kathy says about his work "Mark's items are all hand crafted, by his own hands, in his own off the grid studio. He has 30 years of experience. He cuts his own stones. Each one is unique and extraordinary. His settings are creative, sturdy and elegant. The dragonfly is his signature design, and he is very diversified as well. He features many opals, jasper's, garnets, lapis, rubies and diamonds. His training is in traditional heirloom jewelry and he uses his unique, spontaneous response to the materials to create his own contemporary Art Nouveau inspired style."

Tiny Madonna sculpture from a Lake Champlain pebble by SilverDragonfly8

Mark's combinations of stone and metal and unique designs are beautiful to behold. Many of them feature a form of the piece that inspired him, a dragonfly. My favorite items in his shop however are the rustic sculptures that he fashions from smooth Lake Champlain pebbles. Each is a tiny expressive work of art reminiscent of the Moai of Easter Island.

Sterling Silver Spiral Ring by SilverDragonfly8

Mark's own words describe his passion for  art the best:

"to create beauty where there appears to be none. So often in life we miss the most beautiful things right in front of our eyes. Were it not for the artist, the teacher or the challenge, we might not stop and really see the things which bring peace and joy into our lives. I see a whimsical face in a beach pebble. A dragonfly lands on a woman’s hat. I see a moon rising in the shapes inside a piece of stone. I would like to share that wonder. I derive a feeling of worth when I’ve created, with these hands, a piece of jewelry that becomes someone’s special and cherished gift."

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