Monday, February 16, 2009

Walking with Butterflies

Key West has a Butterfly Conservatory!
Who new? Fred and I saw it on a map when we went to the Southernmost Point this week and decided to go in.
I suppose that makes it the southernmost butterfly conservatory since everything on that end of the island is the southernmost something.
It was a magical experience.
The butterflies were vibrant and active, fluttering around our heads and faces, even landing on us occasionally.
Whoever dubbed them flying flowers had it right. I felt like I was in a Disney movie come to life.
They were amazing in their size and color. My favorites had to be the iridescent blue ones that wouldn't hold still long enough to have their pictures taken.
The conservatory environment was beautiful. Full of tropical plantings, fountains and waterfalls, and birds of unusual color(I am sure that they are the kind that don't eat butterflies).

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