Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bubba the photographer's assistant

Yesterday was the first sunshiny day in a while when I had the day off. Taking good quality photographs of jewelry is not easy. The best light is found on a sunny day out of direct sunlight.
My favorite winter place to shoot pictures of jewelry is on the bed in my studio room in front of the window.

Unfortunately this is also the favorite late morning napping spot of my rather large black cat Bear, who we affectionately refer to as Bubba..
I tried to push him off the bed but 20 pounds of cat turned into a lump of jello that would not be moved.
I picked him up and put him on the floor repeatedly but he insisted on being on the bed.
I put him in the hall and closed the door.
He body slammed it until it opened.
We compromised.
I used an over bed tray for my set up and he laid underneath it.
This worked until he decided that the dangling strap of the camera was a great plaything.
The Bubba shots are less than appealing for jewelry advertisements.
Bubba loves stuff. Especially my stuff.
He is always trying to steal shiny bits from my jewelry supplies. He particularly likes things that jingle while he carries them. I have caught him at various times with a coil of sterling silver wire, a string of pearls, an ankle bracelet with bells and my car keys.
This time I prevailed. The lens cleaner attached to the camera strap is still mine.
Stealthy theft is not a talent he possesses.


  1. HAHAHAHA I am still laughing at this! Bubba looks so annoyed in the pictures! I think that you should post those on never know, someone may buy it because of the extra "help" that you had!!

  2. These are the beast pictures. You should have seen some of his expressions in the others.

  3. Oh, yes still laughing. You never know some cat lover may like the picture with the cat in it. My daughter, I showed her the picture, laughed too and then recalled some stories with our cats.