Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the Jungle

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working in our gardens for much of the day. This years weather pattern of daily afternoon rain showers has been a blessing. I have not had to water the garden much this year or use any fertilizer but it was a jungle out there.

I spent much of the morning yanking out weeds, grass, and flowers that were coming up where I never planted them.

Really-a whole "bush" of pink cone flowers growing out of a half inch hole between the slate pavers!

Trumpet vine, wisteria, and plume poppy were everywhere.

The birds, bees, grasshoppers, chipmunks, daddy long legs, and dragonflies were not happy--apparently they liked the yard the way it was.

By mid afternoon the skies had begun to darken and by 4 o'clock it was raining steadily.

I'm sure that before tomorrow's rains the reforestation (or is that rejunglization?) by grass and clover will have started, but until then I will enjoy unobstructed views of the pond, the flowers and the creatures that inhabit them.

Before I left for work this morning I wandered through our backyard oasis. The skies were once again clear and I wished for another day off to finish the job.

Ah Well! The weekend is coming soon enough...............Until then I will enjoy the peepers and bullfrogs singing me to sleep and the birds providing my alarm clock in the morning.

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