Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIP: Gauntlets

My daughter Melissa is teaching herself to knit. She has crocheted for years making blankies and scarves and hats for many of us in the FamiLee.

Knitting has woken in her a creative passion. She has found the joy of not merely following a pattern.  Lissa is learning to make a project her own by  imposing her own ideas on it.

I am the lucky recipient of a soft and lovely pair of her gauntlets. I love wearing these fingerless gloves when we do Fall and Winter shows. They keep my hands warm while allowing my fingers the freedom to make adjustments in clasps or changes in necklace length that are often associated with their purchase.
Melissa knows me well and appreciates the dark brass and copper colors that I prefer to work with. She made the gauntlets in a soft and muted amethyst color that complements these metals. Lis also left the embellishment off the pair and instructed me to finish them in a way that will showcase both of our talents.
I have sorted through some likely beads, salvaged hardware and findings and am working on a plan.
Welcome to my Work in Progress.

My soft and lovely yet unadorned gauntlets.

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