Friday, April 8, 2011

My Impatient Season

It is officially here.
The only season that I dislike.
That foolish time between calendar Spring and weather Spring that raises your hopes daily and then cruelly gives you a snow storm.
Some call the fifth season Mud, others Early Spring. I prefer not to name it at all in hopes that it will slink away.
It is my season of impatience.
I long to have the rest of the snow melt so that we can see the garden sprouting. I wish for days without rain in order to see the new buds on the trees. I want the mud to dry so that we can rake the rest of the oak leaves and get the yard ready for Summer play.
Be gone you last remnants of Winter...Bonnie wants to go outside!


  1. I so agree, I patiently wait for sun this time of year Usually greeted each morning by rain or grey!

  2. I was so excited to hear that our temps will hit 70 on Monday, yup it's going to rain!