Friday, March 18, 2011

You are One of a Kind

Recycled, Repurposed, and Reused
 Do you appreciate the use of recycled materials?
Do you love steam punk or lust after antiques?
Are you fond of repurposed salvage?
Do you enjoy quirky and unusual?
Do you embrace setting your own style?
One that represents your unique point of view?

These are some of the attributes of customers of The FamiLee Jewels.

Many of you are antique and collectible shoppers. You enjoy hunting for Vintage treasures. Garage sales, estate sales and flea markets are some of your playgrounds.
I love hearing your expressions of pleasure and seeing your smiles when you recognize some of what you search for in the jewelry that I make.

Most of you recognize that we live on a small planet and that we are responsible for treating it with respect.  Your appreciation for reusing and  repurposing discarded materials reflects that belief.
I always know who you are because you give me back my packaging materials and wear your jewelry home, with pride in the choices that you have made.

All of you are style setters. You enjoy wearing clothing and accessories that tell the world who you are, not which stores you shop in. I know you. We are soul sisters. 
When customers say to me "I could never wear a pendant that big." I say to them "It is not the size of the person, it is the size of the personality that determines what you wear." 
It is you that I am thinking of.


  1. Awesome, awesome post! I LOVE that pendant. :)

  2. Thanks Jeanne. it was a good exercise organizing my thoughts around this topic.