Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

Three little boys learned that it's ok to splash in puddles when you have your rain boots on!
Friends and relatives in other parts of the country and in other hemispheres of the world have been asking if we are seeing any signs of Spring. Until this week my answer has been a dismal "No we are still buried under 4 feet of snow."
Saturday night we moved the clocks forward and all of a sudden it seems that Spring has arrived. I have seen three definite signs of better things to come.

The chipmunks are done hibernating and have dug there way out of the snowbanks to look for their warm weather perches.

When I got out of work Monday evening there was a group of RPI students playing basketball in Beman Park in shirtsleeves.

My three favorite little boys learned how to jump in puddles.

My heart is happy.

1 comment:

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