Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What have You Done For Me Lately?

"It is the example of each persons life much more than his or her words that speaks with power.  Even the smallest action done with a loving appreciation of life can profoundly touch other human beings."

I saw this quote by Duane Elgin in a blog post recently.
It stuck with me......hanging in the back of my mind and making me think about the people who inspire me to be a better person with the way they live their lives.

Fred is my husband of 34 years. He is an extremely caring person, so friendly and garrulous in attitude that it makes you happy to be in his company. The dog and cat argue over who gets to sit in his lap and you should see the joy on the faces of our 3 little grandsons when they know that their Pip is coming to see them.  Fred is a colon cancer survivor. Many people would feel angry and bitter about that battle. Fred's appreciation for life was enhanced.  I have learned from him that joys as well as sorrows are better when shared.

My wonderful Mother Ella is the strongest person I know. Her integrity is unwavering and the way she gives of herself makes me wonder if I can ever live up to her example. At 79 she still volunteers her time at a local Nursing home teaching jewelry classes and going on outings with wheelchair bound Seniors who would otherwise not have a chance to leave the facility.  I have learned from her the pleasure of doing things for others.

A Reiki practitioner has taught me the importance of taking care of myself and staying centered.
A former teacher shared with me the rewards of persistance.
An uncle living with unrelenting chronic pain instructs me about living with grace and dignity under difficult circumstances.

So tell me.
Who inspires you in the way they live their life?
What have they taught you lately?

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