Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stringing it Up Didn't Satisfy Very Long

Bead stringing lead me to the creative process of making jewelry.  I fell in love with beads of all kinds glass, crystal, wood, seed, and gemstones...the gemstones were amazing. Jasper and agate in seemingly infinite varieties each one like a perfect little art piece, sparkling water clear Herkimer diamonds, and glossy dark red garnets are all favorites.
Hunting for gemstone beads is a fantastic and tactile experience. Touching these beautiful pieces of the earth is somehow both soothing and powerful.
I still enjoy my beads and probably have more than I will use in a lifetime because along the way I was disappointed to discover that I don't like bead stringing very much. I do enjoy combining the beads, working out unique color palettes and textures but the process of putting it all together with beading wire or silk thread and crimps and covers and wire guardians is tedious and unappealing.
Wire work on the other hand holds endless fascination...even the repetitious tasks like coiling and viking knit are enjoyable.
Beautiful beads are used as accents for a piece of work that is focused on metal and salvage.
I still get to play with the beads.

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