Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why I Need a Mission in Life and Business

The beginning of a new year is  a time for renewal . Get organized, set goals and chart a course for the next 12 months with hope and  enthusiasm. Optimism reigns and I am sure that all of my wonderful ambitions will be realized if I just stick to the plan.  Unfortunately that same optimism causes me to overestimate my ability to accomplish specific tasks in a timely manner and by March I am stressed and far behind.

Are you doing that on purpose? or can't you make up your mind?
The attempt to conquer too many things at once leaves me feeling foggy and out of control. I run around feeling like L Frank Baums Scarecrow, wishing for a brain. Scarecrow is really quite a clever fellow but  lacks confidence so he hangs in the cornfield, his brain all amuddle, going nowhere, until Dorothy comes along.

I was recently tasked with writing a Mission Statement for The FamiLeeJewels and spent a lot of time thinking about it.
Is it really necessary to have a mission statement for such a small endeavor?
Don't I already know why I am doing this?
Will it made a difference  to write it down?
The answer to all of these is yes.
Thinking about the questions  has given me clarity and the idea to plan a New Year of reasonable goals in bite sized portions that will allow me to enjoy the journey.

Focus and Direction.

Those are my words for planning 2011.
The work begins with a Mission Statement.

The FamiLee Jewels purpose is to create unique and wearable art using vintage, antique and recycled objects; to maintain our joy and passion for the process; and to provide a product that is as durable and comfortable to wear as it is lovely.

They think deep thoughts with no more brains than you have.


  1. I can relate to the scarecrow feeling sometimes. I get so excited about new work I tend to skip ahead and forget to enjoy the process. I like your mission statement!

  2. Thank you. I do intend to enjoy the process starting now. No more overloading the schedule or drowning in lists for this Wizard wannabe.

  3. Wonderful post. I like your words and mission statement. Great start!