Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steampunk Style or What to wear with Salvage Jewelry

I have been doing a lot of browsing for clothes lately. I have recently lost a significant amount of weight and by Summer want to do some shopping for some special original pieces that will look great with my Salvage jewelry collection.

Khaki Green Tea Party Coat

I love this design by Attiladesign of etsy.

Handcrafted to order and made in Finland,
the detail in the coat dress is fabulous.
The designer calls it modern urban guerrilla.
 I call it wonderful.

I can picture it worn with a dangling pair of earrings made of watch gears in brushed silver.

Malibu Style another etsy artist has
created a fantastic statement with this
upcycled military parka.
Take a look at the detailed embroidery that turns
a utilitarian coat into a fashionable accessory for
cold weather.
Felicity Huffman owns a similar coat by the
same designer.
I will be in great company.

I will have to wear my fingerless gloves to show off
a sterling silver spoon ring.

Steampunk Ankle Shoebooties
Don't these boots look great. I really like the seaming
that makes them look so up to date. I bet that they are
so comfortable.
They are offered by etsy vintage boutique owner elenamc
of New York.
I think they would look fantastic with copper colored
jewelry and basic black.

I will share more pieces as I find them and welcome suggestions.

What do you wear with your salvage pieces
by The FamiLee Jewels?


  1. Congratulations! You will have so much fun getting new clothes that look great on you. I love the pieces you found so far, very cool!

  2. Thanks I am so looking forward to wering this style and just thought it would not look well on a woman of my former size.

  3. Loving the long coat. Just ordered a sassy jacket from Vienna. Coincidence?

  4. Not at all Andrea, just mutual good taste!