Sunday, August 29, 2010


the smooth polished surface of a stone tossed in the sand and sea before washing to shore
the glassy surface of a mirror
the rough exterior of a rusted tool left too long in the garden
the softness of a down pillow
the silken skin of a baby's face
the fuzzy flyaway of little boys hair

Texture is in everything that we see and feel. We don't  have to touch to experience it, although I admit having to put  hands in  pockets in museums and art exhibits to quell the urge.
Jewelry is made to touch as well as look at. I like for my pieces to be a pleasant tactile experience but texture may also be achieved visually through layering..
A piece of antique cabinet hardware is paired with a chandelier crystal and hung on a velvet cord.
A smooth stone is wrapped in crisp copper wire.
A silky raku pottery disk is threaded on ribbon with ragged edges.
This post is one in a series called Blog Carnival. Follow the links to see what other members of the sateam on etsy have to say about using texture in their work.
Northern Girl


  1. I hadn't thought of doing it in a poem, but what a great idea... So different from the rest of us' posts!

  2. Love how you use layers to create texture!

  3. Bonnie- In addition to the fact that I thought your post was interesting & loved the have a very nice way of writing. I like that too. ;-)

  4. Super post and very nice jewelry pieces. I enjoyed reading that. Thank you.