Monday, August 9, 2010

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Summertime and the Living is easy............
Billie Holiday's sultry voice singing these words is the musical background for my August.  Upstate New York is enjoying hot lazy days and nights cool enough to sleep with the windows open.  Saratoga is right up the road and it is advertised as the Summer Place to be because of it's Thouroughbred racing season. 
Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are buzzing in the trumpet vine, green frogs are croaking from the lilypads in the Koi pond and brightly colored monarch butterflies are flirting with pink coneflowers.
We are feasting on fresh sweet corn, sun ripened tomatoes, and crispy coll cukumbers.
We spend our days outdoors in the sun and our evenings on the deck with FamiLee members and friends.
These are some of my favorite days of the year.  We coast, enjoying the glorious end of Summer before busily getting ready for fall.

Salvaged Style Dragonfly necklace inspired by August's atmosphere.
The aged patina of these brass pieces hold all the warmth of the Summer sun.  The antique drawer pull represents the summer sun, and the filigree the vines of the garden, the dragonfly gives it life.

Dragonfly Earrings.  Dragonflies are such colorful garden visitors. I just had to try and replicate them.


  1. Can't wait to come visit, Mom. As I wrote last week, summer in the city most definitely isn't easy!

  2. The thought of the heat exhausts me.
    Nice work

  3. Thank you. Salvage work is my joy.
    Lis we are looking forward to seeing you and Corin over Labor Day.