Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Many Faces of Fruit Man

Many of you expressed an interest in Fruit Man when we brought him, in his most recent incarnation Fruit Warrior, to Brandon Patenaude's graduation party.
Fruit man was born in September of 2006 when Becky saw a picture of a similar serving assembly in a magazine and wanted to use the idea for her wedding.  Fred built Fruit Man and he made the trip with us to Sandbridge Beach Virginia for the celebration.
Fruit man made an appearance in 2009 at the baby shower we had for the twins.  He was big brother Freddy in that appearance serving cupcakes to the crowd.

To build your own fruit man you will need the following supplies:
1-1" thick 24" diameter wooden circle. We used one purchased from a hardware store that was intended as a table top but you can cut your own from plywood.
3 10" diameter wooden plates purchased from a craft supply store
1 36" piece of 2x2 lumber
2 20" pieces of 2x2 lumber
wood screws
wood glue
3 4x4 pieces of 3 inch thick Styrofoam.

To assemble:
Find and mark the centers of the 24' circle, 1 of the 10' plates, both ends of the 36" 2x2 and one end each of the 20" 2x2's.
Attach the 24" circle to one end of the 36" 2x2 and 1 of the 10' plates to the other using wood glue and wood screws to secure. This has formed fruit man's base, body and head rest.
The other 2 wooden plates will form fruit mans hands.  Attach 1 plate to each of the shorter 2x2's with wood screws and glue.
Attach the arms to the long 2x2 in a position that is convenient for food service.
We use melon bowls with our fruit man so each of the wooden plates has 4  screws drills into it so that they form spikes to securely hold the melon. We use the Styrofoam blocks to cover these spikes when fruit man is not in use.

Let you imagination soar. Fruit mans head can be a pumpkin, a helmet, a carved melon or a photograph. Dress him up or wind flowers and vines around his base. He is a wonderful party guest and always a conversation piece.


  1. Fruit Man rocks and is a welcome sight at any party.

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