Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Barrington

Sunday found Fred and I on our way to Great Barrington Massachusetts to set up our Salvage Style jewelry in a new consignment opportunity. 

Great Barrington is a  small city in the Berkshire Mountains that is a Summertime destination for many.  It has been a resort town since the late 19th century when  railroads allowed wealthy travelers to leave the heat and discomfort of large cities and escape to the mountains.  The Berkshire Cottages they built rival those estates built in Newport, Rhode Island and Saratoga Springs, New York during the same time period. 

Great Barrington is a place made beautiful by lush gardens, mountain views, wonderful architecture, fascinating little shops and restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines.

Silver Fox Salvage has opened a second shop there and proprietor Camille Gibeau invited me to show our salvage pieces there. 

The Salvage Style jewelry line includes pieces made from vintage cabinet hardware, pieces of old plumbing and lighting fixtures, deconstructed watches and clocks, 1950's era costume jewelry and found objects.  These pieces of the past were beautiful when made and time has enhanced them with lovely patinas. 

They blend very well with the style of Silver Fox Salvage II where Camille's displays celebrate the artistry of Vintage materials rescued from demolition.

Do yourself a favor.  Visit Great Barrington this Summer.  It's worth the drive.  While you are there stop a Silver Fox Salvage II at 8 Stockbridge Road on the corner of Rtes 7 and 23. 

Say hi to Camille.   She can tell you the story of anything in the store.

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