Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jewelry repair

The FamiLee jewels are frequently asked if we do jewelry repair. The answer is of course!

Bring us your tired and worn jewelry, the string of beads that broke, the earring that you lost one of, that favorite pin that has no clasp, or the rats nest of chains that has been taking up space in your jewelry box.

We can restring and rebuild as long as your project does not require soldering or other heat source methods of repair.

If your item is beyond repair we would love to have a discussion with you about how it could be utilized in a new piece of jewelry. Your single earring can become the centerpice of a ring or pendant. Your pin can be worked into a beautiful bracelet.

Restringing is 10 dollars for a single strand necklace, each additional strand would cost 5 dollars. We string on 49 strand Accuflex stainless steel beading wire with a tensile strength of 14 pounds. We finish the ends with wire guardians and your original clasp. We stand by our work and should breakage occur we will restring at no additional cost to you.

Clasp replacement runs from 5 to 25 dollars depending on the type and value of clasp you desire.

Design and production of a custom piece varies in price. The cost is dependent on the materials used.

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