Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad Dogs

Fred and I had the wonderful job of spending the weekend minding our grandbabies while their parents Becky and Dennis went to NY to attend the graduation of Dennis' sister Maureen from NYIT.
Way to go Mo!

It was a very busy weekend filled with the delighted giggles of 3 adorable little boys and the antics of 2 bad dogs. The 2 days left us exhausted and in awe of what Becky and Dennis do every day.

My Mom, Ella, Nana to her grandchildren and great grandchildren sums it up succinctly "God knows what He is doing when He gives children to the young."

Some random thoughts about the experience:

*I have never changed so many diapers in such a short period of time in my entire life.

*Watch the dogs!

*A toddler will find and sit in the one pile of dog poo in the entire back yard.

*If you can't find your shoes, a letter of the alphabet, car keys, or the green dinosaur Freddy has probably pushed it through the cat door.
*Watch the dogs!!

*Our toddler has learned that he has 2 hopeful accomplices when he doesn't want to finish his meal. If you hear Freddy saying "sit" in a stern baby voice you can bet that Harley and Rascal are eating pancakes.

*Liam HATES peas despite the fact that his mother told us "The boys are good eaters they will eat any of the baby food just pick one." His tantrum was impressive.

*It is very difficult to take a walk with 1 toddler, twin babies, a Sato and a Jack Russell Terrier. It's like a parade and people want to interact with the circus performers.

*Watch the dogs!!!
*They are eating a dirty diaper!
*Don't let them lick anyone!

*Rory loves to bounce in the Jumperoo and he doesn't like to take turns. Another impressive tantrum.

*Watch the dogs!!!!
*They are stealing Freddy's doughnut!

*Watch the dogs!!!!!
*They are in the sandbox!
*Watch the dogs!!!!!!

No matter how tired you are 2 toothless grins and the giggles of a toddler at the antics of 2 bad dogs make the day brighter.
Bad dogs, bad dogs what you gonna do.....................................?


  1. I am sorry that I am laughing so hard at your expense, but that was seriously funny!! Thank you again for watching them for us!

  2. You know Becky I started writing a post about how much we enjoyed the boys and when I sat down to think I just kept remembering what the dogs did. No one would believe it to look at those to innocent faces with their big brown eyes! Who us?????

  3. OMG- Bonnie, you poor thing ... sounds like you & Fred had a BUSY weekend. But that was a GREAT posting, it made me have a good laugh- thanks. I'm glad you had fun with the boy and the 'bad dogs' :)

  4. I am sitting on a conference call and had to mute the phone; laughing so hard that tears are running down my face!