Sunday, January 25, 2009

Game Night


My babies, originally uploaded by bonniefamilee.

Last night was game night at the Lee house. Mary Pat Brandon and Cassie joined us along with Paul and Stacy with their 3 girls and Becky and Dennis with their 3 boys. Note the onsies the boys are wearing in the photo. I found them on Amazon and they are some of my favorites.

Fred made his super-duper homemade pizza and Becky made a terrific spinach dip.

We tried a new game called Wit's and Wagers.

I highly recommend it. It's a trivia game but there is no pressure because everyone answers every question and you wager on the answers. Each game is only about 20 to 30 minutes depending on how many people are playing. We had 8 ranging in age from 11 to 50 something and it was appropriate for all.

We also enjoyed Guitar Hero on the Wii. Brandon and Cassie excel at video games but Melissa and Becky gave them some competition.


  1. I love such things as Game Night. My grandson is always asking Grandpa "Play a game?" Grandpa's family was and is great game players. Mostly card games. When ever 4 or 6 are gathered a Pinochle game breaks out.

  2. With our family it was always canasta. I remember the girls playing when they were so little they couldn't hold all the cards. We had to park chairs next to them to lay the cards out on and of course a no peeking rule.