Monday, December 15, 2008

Rest in Peace precious Emily

Our beautiful greyhound Emily died last week.She was 14 years young and we have had the pleasure of her company for the last 7 years.

You see Emily was a retired racing greyhound. She was a good racer, retiring at age 5 when she was too old to race any more. She then had several litters of puppies for her racing owners before leaving the Florida panhandle for the great Northeast.

Snow didn't seem to phase her after the first leap off the deck that left her buried in it up to her chest. Once she figured out how to run through it she was fine!

Emily had a kind and gentle soul. She didn't get along well with other dogs (except Harley, Becky and and Dennis' Chiuabrador) but loved people of all ages, demanding attention in the form of pets and ear scritchies from young and old.

She loved taking walks, racing on the track around the apple trees (she built it all by herself) and digging holes in our gardens, but her favorite activity of all was sleeping on the couch stretched waaaay out so that when you shared a seat with her you only got a corner. Then she would put her head in your lap.

She has been a great companion and friend, and we will miss her always.

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