Friday, December 26, 2008

FamiLee Christmas

The FamiLee Jewels have had a wonderful Christmas full of dear friends, family from near and far, babies, good food, lovingly chosen presents, lots of ripped paper boxes and bows...(yes of course Freddy preferred the boxes), and Wii. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful life.
Christmas Eve was spent at David and Tammy and Ella's house where we were welcomed by their 3 dogs Duke, Duchess and Vanna. Carl was home from Colorado and it was great to see him again. I had chosen Carl's name in the gift scramble and made him 2 sterling silver guitar picks, one inscribed with his name and the other with the name of his band Finding Nowhere, he really liked them! Fred had chosen David's name and made him a pen and pencil set out of scrap cherry wood from the stairs in David's new house. It is nice to be able to create such personal gifts for those we love.
Everyone enjoyed the babies, passing them from person to person, and seeing Freddy run around. It was great to have little ones at Christmas again. We haven't had that much excitement since Josh was about 10 and that was a long time ago.

Christmas morning we drove up to see Becky and Dennis and the boys. Freddy enjoyed his fisher price farm and his wooden puzzle with sounds. Becky made lots of luscious cinnamon rolls and coffee. I think she is living on coffee now with those 3 little ones to keep up with. She looks great though and it's only been 3 weeks since she had Liam and Rory.

We got a little scare when we got to the house though. We had purchased them a Wii game system and when we walked in there was a Wii box in their foyer. Turns out it was a joke from neighbors Kelly and Jeremy who had hidden a Christmas ornament in it for them. So they loved their Wii and all its accessories, I just hope they can find the time to enjoy it. We had a chance to wish Merry Christmas to Sueanne, Jimmy, and Meredith while we were there.
We came home to meet Ella and have a relaxing rest of the day, cooking dinner and playing with Melissa's new Wii. I am not a video gaming person they really never could hold my interest for very long but this is fun. We spent the afternoon bowling in the family room and Ella was the big winner. I hope that Fred didn't mess up his real bowling game trying to Wii bowl.
As I write this I am drinking morning coffee and eating the best biscotti in the entire world made by my sister Donna. I look forward to her biscotti baking frenzy every Christmas and am hard pressed to share it with anyone. I told you my family was wonderful.

So Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your Holidays were filled with joy, love and laughter.


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