Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home Parties by The FamiLee Jewels

Did you know that The FamiLee Jewels does home parties? Invite your friends to your home for a couple of hours. We will bring our jewelry creations to you and show them to you in the comfort of your own home. Try on your favorite pieces, wear them for the afternoon or evening, and fall in love with our jewelry. Find the perfect gem for that new outfit or special event.

As a host you will receive:

  • Free and discounted jewelry
  • Half price products
  • A VIP card that entitles you to 10% off future purchases from the FamiLee Jewels for 1 year.
  • When one of your guests books a show and holds it within 6 months you will receive a coupon that can be used at that show.

Host Benefits:

  • If your guest sales total 200$ you will receive 25$ in free product.
  • If your guest sales total 300$ you will receive 40$ in free product.
  • If your guest sales total 400$ you will receive 60$ in free product.
  • If your guest sales total 500$ you will receive 90$ in free product.
  • If your guest sales total 750$ you will receive 150$ in free product and 25% off 1 item.
  • If your guest sales total 1000$ you will receive 200$ in free product and 50% off 1 item.
  • If your guest sales total 1500$ and above you will receive 200$ in free product, 50% off 2 items, and The FamiLee Jewels Artisan of your choice will work with you to design a piece to your specifications up to 100$ value.

Party Styles
Plan your own party or make it easy and choose one of our suggested styles

  • Open House
    The simplest of all shows is an open house. Requiring little to no fuss, you invite us into your home to set up our displays. Then invite your friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers over to shop.

  • Trunk Show
    The trunk show is the classic style of home party. We will bring our merchandise to you and give an informal presentation that teaches you a bit about the gemstones and design styles that we use. If you are interested in particular stones or styles, we can tailor the evening to showcase your favorites.

  • Lesson Show
    For a fee of $25 per guest we will teach your friends the basics of bead stringing. Each guest will complete a single strand necklace and pair of earrings of their own. We will provide all of the necessary beads, findings, stringing materials and tools. Beginner level kits will be available for purchase if your guests want to pursue their new jewelry skills. If you so choose we can also bring a selection of jewelry for sale.

  • Custom Jewelry Party
    For the crème de la crème treat yourself and your guests to a custom jewelry party. We will bring our gemstones, beads, wire, findings and design tables and will work with you to create the piece of your dreams. Jewelry will be completed and delivered to the host within 2 weeks time.

  • Fundraiser
    You are welcome to hold a home party as a fundraiser for your charity of choice. For fundraising purposes The FamiLee Jewels will donate 15% of total sales to your designated charity.

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