Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life Lesson Learned?

I have fought a battle with weight all of my adult life.
The pounds crept up and my activity level became more sedate.
I worked long hours often on overnight shift.
I am terrible at portion control.
I have gained and lost enough to make at least 2 of me over the years.

2009 at my heaviest weight
Last year I was forced to admit that my weight was affecting my ability to do the things I wanted to do in life. Theater and Airline seats were tight, and I became short of breath with moderate exertion. 

I made the decision that I needed to do something. Thought about surgery and discarded that idea. Considered going back to Atkins or Weight Watchers but had tried both before, lost weight and then put it all back on again plus more.

Luray Caverns, May 2011
Enter Medifast. I met a neighbor that had lost 60 pounds using it and had become a life coach because she believed so strongly in the product.  BJ gave me the push that I needed to get started. To date I have lost 87 pounds and 10 sizes.

I have energy and exercise tolerance and recently climbed a (small) Adirondack mountain with the family. The effort would have given me a heart attack a year ago.

During the last year I have learned to modify my eating habits. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle. I have learned to think of food as fuel rather than as a source of pleasure and satisfaction.
I will reach my goal of a BMI of 24 in 9 more pounds.
I believe that I have learned enough to successfully navigate transition and maintainence without backsliding. It will take the rest of my lifetime to know for sure.

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  1. Yay! it's hard to change your lifestyle but so worth it. Way to go!!