Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sea Glass
SATeam Blog Carnival: Recycling

Recycling is a topic that is near to my heart. While I do not believe it possible to erase my carbon footprint, I do like to do my part to keep waste and rubbish disposal reasonable. Cans, bags, bottles, plastic and paper are all recycled. Clothing and home goods that are in good repair when we don't use them anymore are donated to local thrift stores and the Veterans organization nearby.  Those that can't be recycled are stripped of buttons and metal zippers to be used as rags or broken down into pieces for reuse or for the campfire.  Fred's to do list includes the building plans for a compost bin.

1950's rhinestone shoe clip
 We also shop thrift stores regularly and have a  great group of friends and FamiLee members that pass things along to the person that needs them next.

My favorite sort of recycling is to reuse old, vintage and antique pieces of the past in my jewelry creations.  Garage sales, salvage yards, thrift stores, antique stores, trash bins, my husbands toolbox (shh! don't tell) and friend's junk drawers have all  provided me with treasure.

A Vintage 70's watchband 
 My shopping list includes old watches (pre battery days), vintage jewelry, lonely earrings, wire, small nuts or bolts, cabinet hardware, metal zippers, religious medals and rosaries.  I have been known to pick up shells, sticks,beach glass, coins and an earring that had been run over by a car. We call that dirt and grime patina in this house folks.  The items pictured in this post are all made using recycled and repurposed materials.
Vintage cabinet hardware

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  1. Beautiful pieces you have created, I particularly love the watch band. You have given me a few ideas and must check out more garage sales. Love your vintaj style.

  2. Very unique pieces, I am impressed what you can do with "old stuff".

  3. I love the pieces you've made with recycled items! Very nicely done!

  4. Thank you all. It is such fun to look for the beauty in unexpected places.

  5. Love your recycled pieces. You've found their beauty. ;-)