Monday, May 24, 2010

Speaking of Trash

I recently read Secrets of Rusty Things by assemblage artist Michael deMeng. Ironically I rescued it from my daughters discard bin on a recent visit to her home.

The rich earthy colors of the cover drew my eye and the promise of "Inspiration that will have you checking your trash bin twice" closed the deal.

I have to be honest. It is not at all what I expected. Secrets of Rusty Things is not a how to book. There are no instructions here, no practical applications anywhere between the covers.

Instead the reader is provided a rare treat, a glimpse into the artist's thought processes and the story of his inspiration.

Mr. deMeng describes 10 of his artworks in this manner and it makes very entertaining reading (especially if you enjoy ancient myths and legends).

Best news for me: I am not crazy, or at least I am not alone in my craziness. Mr. deMeng also talks to his work and does some of his best thinking in the shower.

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