Sunday, November 1, 2009

FamiLee Ghouls

The FamiLee Jewels love Halloween and it is even more fun now that we have babies again. Becky and Dennis came to Trick or Treat yesterday and they brought Fireman Freddy and his 2 Dalmatian fire dogs Spot1 and Spot2.

We all had lunch and Halloween Cookies. We made a Mr. Pumpkin head and then dressed the little ones, including the 2 bad dogs, and set out. It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was shining and the Autumn breeze was blowing leaves around.

It only took Freddy about 4 houses to get the routine down. He was very polite with his "Trick or Treats" and "Thank yous".
The boys enjoyed all of the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood. Especially the ones that talked or moved.

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