Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wire Wrapping

Working with wire is a fascinating organic experience. Malleable and multi-shaped wire offers the jewelry artist an opportunity for unlimited creativity.
Wire wrapped designs appear simple and classic, sometimes deceptively so, but once the basic techniques are mastered your design possibilities are almost endless.

In the coming weeks, each Tuesday I will be posting instructions for wire wrapping techniques beginning Tuesday November 3rd with simple
loops. Until then let me show you some pieces made by The FamiLee jewels that incorporate wire in their design.

This copper and gold wrapped bracelet uses layers of wire in 2 colors and 3 sizes to create a dramatic and fashionable statement.

A Day at Sea was created in a flowing style learned from the techniques of talented wire artist Eni Oken.

Even irregular forms such as this piece of frosted white sea glass can be wrapped securely and beautifully.

Fossils make fascinating jewely with a few basic techniques.

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