Friday, January 1, 2010

Best Christmas Present....Ever!

I received the greatest Christmas gift from my sister this year. We draw names for gifting in our family and was lucky that Donna pulled mine.

I was handed a large box wrapped in bright red paper with a lovely lime green ribbon. It had a note on top that said, keep level and open slowly. I opened the lid to find a box stuffed with goodies and a sign that said "Bonnie's Guiltless Indulgences as justified by her well intentioned sister."

The box was full of all kinds of wonderful little gifts and each gift had a note tied to it that explained why I would like it. There were fuzzy sock slippers, candles(Because...this scent is serenity in a flame), snacks, soap(Because...Nothing makes you want to not get out of the shower more than this soap), beverages, books(Because...sharpening your brain power leads to many new ideas), lotion(Because...the battle against dry skin gets tougher every year. It is our duty to combat it in the pursuit of soft skin), dog and cat treats(Because...happy and well fed pets curl up on your feet to take a nap when you really just want to read a good book) and my favorite a CD that she burned with a collection of musical favorites from when we were growing up.

This gift was a treasure box to look through. Each new item was a delight made even more so when I saw her "justification".

Donna made me feel wonderful.

She made me feel appreciated.

She made me feel special.

She made me feel loved.

And that is the best Christmas present of all.

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