Sunday, July 13, 2008

Copper Wire Work

I have been making a lot of jewelry pieces in copper lately. There are many reasons for this not the least of which is the very high price of silver and gold. Using copper keeps my costs down which translates to more affordable prices for my jewelry.

I like copper. I wore a lot of it in the 70's when it was very popular for jewelry.

It is a very versatile metal. You can leave it bright and shiny like new pennies or oxidize it to the dark brown of comfortable old loafers.

It is soft to work with allowing you to make really great swirls and spirals, and it work hardens nicely when hammered or tumbled.

Copper jewelry is said to help ease the aching joint pain of arthritis.

Copper is also a great energy conductor so when used to wrap a natural stone it enhances that stones metaphysical properties.

Occasionally people express concern about copper turning their skin green. This is a possibility. When some people sweat they excrete a chemical which when combined with the copper makes a green colored salt. That salt can rub off on your skin giving it a greenish appearance. The color washes off with soap and water. It is not harmful and is not an "allergic" reaction.
The Statue of Liberty is green due this oxidation process, caused by the combination of heat and exposure to salt water.

I have created several pieces of jewelry using copper and sterling silver that demonstrate the shiny "bright penny" side of copper. This effect is particularly stunning in chain maille designs.

Worry stones and fossils that are wrapped in copper have been oxidized to allow the stone to be the focus of the piece.

You can view more of the copper collection on online at our ETSY store.

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  1. Beautiful job on the jewelry. I love working with copper too!

    Teresa M.