Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

This was a GREAT weekend!
I was on call for the hospital on Friday night ......and the phone didn't ring.
Saturday morning Fred and I went to the local greenhouse here in Malta and found the morning glories and nasturtiums we had been looking for as well as a huge hanging basket grape tomato plant that now resides on our pergola. We came home in time to plant them in the rain. I love summer rain.
Life is good.
After coming in from the planting we cleaned up and went to a party at the home of my cousin John and his girlfriend Kit. They are 2 of the world's good people. They make each other a matter of fact I haven't seen John so happy in a very long time.
It was a party to celebrate the construction of their barn and to thank all who attended for their help in the Barn raising that had spanned a few months in the fall and early winter. You see Kit raises horses, so she and John built a barn. We ate wonderful food and visited with family and friends...all the while braving upstate New York's thunderstorms complete with hail. As the storms passed late in the afternoon and the sun started peaking through John took a few moments to thank us all for coming and for helping he and Kit in their efforts to build the barn.
He then asked us to stay a little longer as they were getting married right now!!!! We were all so happy and surprised. The only people who knew were a friend and former Judge who was the officiant and the 3 grown up children that they have between them. The wedding took place in their beautiful yard with the barn in the background as family friends and horses looked on.
Life is very good.
Sunday I spent in my jewelry store The FamiLee Jewels, At The Warehouse. I caught up on all the Warehouse news, visited with vendors I haven't seen in a few weeks, petted Dutch and Salvage, looked at all the new merchandise, drank tea, listened to Mike Thomas sing, made jewelry, and had a wonderful time despite the fact that there were no sales today. From the Warehouse I went to Becky's house where there was a pampered chef party in progress. I got there just after the demos, got to eat the food, share stories of the weekend with our extended family and snuggle with our little Freddy J.
Life is very,very good.

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