Sunday, March 2, 2008

Freddy J update

Our precocious Freddy is keeping us all enthralled with his developing personality. He has found is voice and uses it all day long. He sings in a high pitched wail, he fake coughs to get our attention, and he makes growling dinosaur noises at whoever will listen.

He sits on his own now and seems to enjoy that independence. He loves his toys--stars, foam buckets and peek a blocks the best. The funny little man still does not like to lay on his stomach so when he falls over we must hold his feet so he can do a sit up!!!!! How is he ever going to learn to crawl?

He is eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and loves to gnaw on teething biscuits ( I forgot what a mess they were) and Zwieback toasts.

The latest development: 2 teeth.

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