Friday, January 18, 2008

Bubba and the Tramp

Our poor little Bear has had his heart broken. Several months ago a beautiful little hussy showed up on our front porch meowing and rubbing our ankles. She was black and white with lovely markings although she looked a little bedraggled from being out doors. We gave her food and water on the porch and she ate ravenously. She slept on the porch chairs and insisted on being fed twice a day but would not accept our invitations to come inside. She and Bear had quite a relationship--but only through the screen door. He inviting her in, she trying to entice him outside.

December came and with it some very cold weather and snow. One day as I was leaving for work she ran inside. She warmed herself by the fire, she enjoyed sleeping on a soft bed, we treated her for fleas. She warmed our laps, purred and preened, and she gave Bubba ear mites. A week later as I was taking the garbage out she bolted. She returned a few days later only to leave again after warming up for a couple of days. We have seen her a few times in the neighborhood but she doesn't come to visit anymore.

Bear keeps waiting . Our Bubba sits on the back of the couch and watches for the little minx to return.

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